Use Ready vocBlocks

Learn words organised by topic using Ready vocBlocks – mini picture dictionaries featuring high quality images and audio pronunciation.


Create your Own vocBlocks

Tailor Ready vocBlocks to your needs or create your own with your pictures and audio to remember them better and have more fun.


Practise with Memoriser

Learn words and phrases effectively running sessions with pictures or context exercises and make the most of the spaced repetition effect.


Follow the Schedule

Make your learning efficient with Memoriser’s schedule maker designed for busy people – just follow email notifications to practise wherever you are online.


The English vocabulary you need

A selection of mini picture dictionaries with the most popular topical vocabulary in English, e.g. parts of body, animals, household chores and more.

The audio and transcription to get it right

Recorded audio to help you learn how the words and phrases are pronounced and their transcription to get it 100% accurate when speaking.

If you are a beginner or an advanced learner

Words and phrases are translated into German, French, Spanish and Russian to help beginners. Definitions are included for intermediate and advanced learners.

All the vocabulary you need to learn in one place

You can import your lists of words and phrases as simple as copying and pasting to start learning them straight away. And bonus (!) - the tool will add audio and transcription for the words you import.

Looking up words and their pronunciation made easy

Built-in dictionary with audio pronunciation helps with unknown words wherever you are online. And you can save them in your vocBlocks to learn later.

For language learners and teachers

If you are a teacher who needs to share vocabulary to be learnt with students just share the vocBlock you create and send a link to your class.

The quality pictures that make it real

Matching pictures to the words you learn helps you link real life objects to these words directly. So you will be able to name these objects when you see or picture them without your native language getting in the way.

The context that helps you remember

Using the words you learn in given sentences does not only give you the idea of how they are used but also helps them come alive in everyday situations you come across in real life.

Spaced repetition to help you remember longer

Thanks to spaced repetition effect Memoriser’s schedule not only helps you learn new words and phrases in less time but also enhances their retention when you don’t come across them too often.

The schedule maker you can rely on

You don't need to remember to practise as schedule maker will send you email notifications prompting you to practise based on the spaced repetition schedule. And it tracks your progress too.

Flexible schedule to suit your needs

You can fine tune the timing and frequency of the learning sessions to fit your language study into your busy day and match your rhythm of studying it. And you can practise as much or as little at a time as you choose.

Any device you have at hand

You don’t need to wait till you have access to your desktop to practise. Use any free time slot anywhere you are, just go online and run sessions on your mobile or tablet.

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